The Probus Club of Whitby      

Situated in Porirua City, Wellington, New Zealand

CLUB NUMBER: 9003945

We meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 9.30am at the Whitby Bowling Club

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Probus Clubs are a community service activity of Rotary, but unlike Rotary they are not involved in fundraising or any community project.  They are run by members, purely for members.

 The basic purpose of The Probus Club of Whitby is to provide regular opportunities for its members to meet and enjoy the fellowship that monthly meetings provide.  The focus of these meetings is on club members sharing aspects of their lives, guest speakers, and a good length of time to be social over morning tea.  Business matters are minimal.

 Further opportunities are available for learning or extending intellectual, cultural and creative skills.  This means there have been groups for monthly dine-outs (luncheons), cinema attendance, card playing (500), Mah Jong, photographic skills and knowledge, and monthly outings to places of interest near and not quite so near.  The purposes of these outings have been to help keep members ‘young,’ challenge and therefore promote healthy minds, to keep physically active and to expand interests.  Overarching all of these is the making of new friends.

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